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Medicinal and Life Sciences
Experimental and Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences
Educational Research Center for Clinical Pharmacy

Research Groups

Medicinal and Life Sciences

Department Research Projects
Organic and Medicinal Chemistry
(Prof. Naoki Miyata)
・Development of Useful Organic Synthetic Reactions for Building Drug Structures
・Rational Molecular Design and Synthesis of New Medical Leads
・Structure-activity Relationship Study of Designed and Synthesized Medical Leads
・Mechanistic Study of Designed and Synthesized Bio-functional Molecules
・Chemistry and Biology of Reactive Oxygen Species and Oxidative Stress
Bioorganic-inorganic Chemistry
(Prof. Tsunehiko Higuchi)
・Chemistry of Synthetic Enzyme Mimics
・Development and Evaluation of Functional Molecules
・Rational Design and Synthesis of Potential Pharmaceuticals. Development of Novel Methodology for Drug Discovery
・Creation of New Concept for the Development of Functional Molecules
Synthetic Organic Chemistry
(Prof. Toyohiko Aoyama)
・Development of Organosilicon Reagents and Their Application to Organic Synthesis
・Development of Chiral Ligands for Asymmetric Reactions
・Development of Organocatalysts

(Prof. Kazunori Odashima)
・Regulation of Membrane Potential by Molecular Recognition
・Regulation of Membrane Permeability by Molecular Recognition
・Regulation of Regio- and Stereoselectivity by Catalytic Reaction Control
Cellular Biophysics
(Prof. Naohide Hirashima)
・Mechanism of Exocytosis
・Analysis of Allergic Responses
・Mechanism of Neural Development
・Development of Visualization Methods for Cellular Responses
Physical Chemistry
of Colloid and Polymer

(Prof. Masakatsu
・Physico-chemical Properties of Gel and Its Pharmaceutical Applications
・Crystallization and Self-organization of Charged Colloids, and Their Device Application
・Auto-organization of Polymer at Interface
Structural Biology
and Biomolecular

(Prof. Koichi Kato)
・Structural Glycobiology
・Protein Sociology
・Structural Immunology
・NMR Structural Biology and Protein X-ray Crystallography
・Structure-based Biomolecular Engineering
Molecular Biology
(Prof. Masayoshi Imagawa)
・Molecular Mechanism of Various Disease Caused by Obesity
・Molecular Mechanism of Adipocyte Differentiation
・Development of New Drugs Based on the Regulator of Gene Expression
・Epigenetics and Gene Function
・Molecular Mechanism of Malignant Transformation
Pharmaceutical Structural Chemistry
(Assoc. Prof. Keiichiro Hatano)
・Stereochemistry of Metalloporphyrins and Parmaceutical Molecules
・Xraycrystallography, Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
・Construction of Safety Environment for the Computor Networks
(affiliate graduate school)

(Prof. Tatsuya Tsurumi)
・Replication of DNA Tumor Virus and Host Cellular Response
・Analysis of Viral Proliferation using Genetic Engineered Recombinant Viruses
・Virotherapy for Cancers
・Studies for Proteoglycan and Sphingolipids Regulating Cancer Cells
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Experimental and Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department Research Projects
(Prof. Hajime Mizukami)
・Molecular & Cellular Biology of Plant Secondary Metabolism
・Validation of Natural Medicines
・Clinical Pharmacology of Kampo Medicines
Molecular Health Sciences
(Prof. Kikuo Onozaki)
・Role of Interleukins in Immune and Inflammatory Reactions
・Host Defense Magainst Mycobacterium tuberculosis
・Immune Disruption Mechanisms of Chemicals (Endocrine Disruptors, Tobacco Smoking)
Biological Chemistry
(Prof. Shinichi Hoshino)
・Mechanism of mRNA Decay in Eukaryotes
・Posttranscriptional Regulation of Gene Expression
・Mechanism of mRNA Quality Control (Surveillance)
・Roles of eRF3 Family G Proteins in the Regulation of mRNA Decay,
Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
(Prof. Yuji Imaizumi)
・Molecular Functions of Ion Channels and Related Diseases / Channelopathy
・Bioimaging of Cellular Ion Dynamics and Ion Channel Molecules
・Discovery of Drugs acting on Ion Channels and Screening System
Biomedical Science
(Assoc. Prof. Mitsuharu Hattori)
・Understanding Molecular Mechanisms of Brain Development
・Elucidating Mechanisms Underlying Brain Functions and Diseases
・Elucidating Roles of Lipid Mediators in Neurons and Brain
・Exploring Membrane Dynamics in Neurons
(Prof. Hiroaki Yuasa)
・Evaluation and Prediction of Drug Absorption and Metabolism in the Intestine
・Roles of Transporters in Drug Disposition in the Body
・Mechanisms of Drug Elimination by Metabolism and Excretion
・Computer-Assisted Optimization of Dosage Regimens
Molecular and Cellular Pathobiology and Therapeutics
(Prof. Satoshi Fujii)
・Molecular Mechanism of Atherosclerosis
・Pathobiology of Thrombosis and Development of New therapeutics
・Analysis of Pathophysiological Roles of Sphingolipids in the Development of Metabolic Syndromes
・Cellular Mechanism of Wound Healing and Development of New Therapeutics
Drug Metabolism and Disposition
(Prof. Hidetoshi Hayashi)
・Stressors and Lifestyle Related Disease
・Cellular Stress and Regulation of Cell Growth, Apoptosis and Differentiation
・Development of Molecular Target Therapy of Cancer
・Drug Metabolism in Pathological Conditions
・Development of Experimental Models to Reconstitute Drug Metabolism and Toxicity in Human
CNS Pharmacology
(Prof. Hideki Ono)
・Pharmacology of Neuropathic Pain
・Pharmacology of Spinal Motor Systems
・Aminergic Transmission in the Central Nervous System
・Adverse Reaction of the Peripheral and Central Nervous Systems
Hospital Pharmaceutics
(Assoc. Prof. Yukihisa Kurono)
・Quantification of Acylcarnitines in Patient’s Specimens with Organic Acidemias and Fatty Acid Oxidation Defects
・Quantification of Medium- and Short-Chain Acyl-CoAs in Organic Samples by HPLC-MS/MS
・Metabolic Toxicity of 6-Mercaptopurine and Azathiopurine
Experimental Gerontology
(affiliate graduate school)

(Prof. Makoto Michikawa)
・Aβ Generation, Degradation, and Clearance
・Mechanisms Underlying ApoE4-induced Earlier Development of AD
・Delivery System of Molecules and Cells from the Systemic Circulation into the Brain
・Mechanism of Osteoporosis and New Drug Development
・Mechanism of Osteoclast Differentiation by Adipocytes
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Educational Research Center for Clinical Pharmacy

Department Research Projects
Educational Research Center
for Clinical Pharmacy

(Prof. Kazunori Kimura)
・Sexual Dysfunction
・Medication for Patients with Chronic Renal Dysfunction and Dialysis
・Education for Clinical Pharmacists with Any Specialty
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