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International Study Program of Nagoya City University offers faculties and students an opportunity to learn a different educational and cultural context and also International Research Exchange Program is available to invite foreign scientists.

Overseas Travel Grant

The travel grant aid is available for the faculty members who plan to present their research at the international academic conferences and meetings. The fund is limited to several recipients. The student travel grant aid is also available for visiting the university with which Nagoya City University concluded an exchange program agreement, although the allocation is limited.

International Research Exchange Program

TInternational Research Exchange program is available for promoting and supporting joint research between the faculty members of Nagoya City University and foreign scientists. This program is established to invite foreign scientists who take part in joint research at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Academic Exchange Agreements with University of Southern California School of Pharmacy and University of Sydney College of Health Sciences (Faculty of Pharmacy)

The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, in conjunction with the School of Pharmacy, University of Southern California and Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney, facilitates an international academic exchange for the advancements of research, education, and professional services. Through the exchange agreement, each institution is expected to make efforts to promote 1) the exchange of faculties, 2) the exchange of graduate and undergraduate students, 3) the planning and implementation of cooperative research projects and educational programs, 4) the exchange of materials related to research and educational achievements.
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