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I am delighted to welcome you to the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nagoya City University, which takes pride in the academic history of over 120 years and alumni of over 8000. A line of information provided in this website will help your understanding of our Schools and activities.
As an academic field, Pharmaceutical Sciences cover multiple scientific areas from fundamental chemistry to clinical pharmacy. We place, thereby, a strong emphasis on comprehensive and interdisciplinary education and research for educating and training the future clinical pharmacists and research scientists at the top leading level.
Teaching in the undergraduate and graduate schools is dedicated not only to basic knowledge and practice for the pharmacy profession but also for the discovery and development of drugs, biochemical and pharmacological aspects of drugs and physical and chemical principles of pharmaceutical systems. The understanding of human health and diseases and of the preventive and hygienic strategy for health-related environmental conditions is also emphasized.
Research in the graduate school is devoted mostly to the progress in theoretical and experimental sciences for the human health and welfare, covering the broad fields of organic, physical and biological chemistry, molecular biology, biophysics, and immunochemistry, in addition to pharmacognosy, pharmacology and pharmaceutics. The scientific activity is appreciated not only in pharmaceutical and medical communities but also in the fields of a variety of basic life sciences.
In 2006, the undergraduate education programs reorganized into the Department of Pharmacy, which offers a 6-year program, and the Department of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, which offers a 4-year program. Accordingly, the reform of education system for gradates is also scheduled in 2010. To respond appropriately to these significant reforms of education systems, the facilities for undergraduate and graduate schools will be sequentially and totally renewed within 4 years from March, 2008. These overall reform and renewal, together with strong professoriate, will provide you with the top quality education and research environment in our schools. We invite you to join the scholars for undergraduate and/or graduate education that provides a solid foundation for your successful professional and academic career by contributing to human welfare and health in the 21st century.

Hajime Mizukami

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