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Research Group

Physical Chemistry of Colloid and Polymer

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  Masakatsu Yonese, Ph. D., Professor
Jyunpei Yamanaka, Ph. D., Associate Professor
Isamu Miyata, Assistant Professor

Research Project

Physico-chemical Properties of Gel and Its Pharmaceutical Applications
Crystallization and self-organization of charged colloids, and their device application
Auto-organization of Polymer at Interface

We study auto-organized structures and functions of colloid and polymer to apply for pharmaceutical fields. Mechano-chemical reactions and phase transition of gels between swelling and shrinking states are studied. (Fig.1) We pay attention to cooperative effects of crosslinks and effects of interaction with network and solutes. Diffusion-reaction of drug is also studied basically to elucidate controlling factors of permeability. Especially, gels of acid polysaccharides, collagen and biocompartible polymers are studied to apply for DDS.
We study crystallization (order-disorder phase transition) and phase separation of charged colloids as model systems to investigate phase behavior of condensed matter in general.(Fig.2) We also study applications of the colloidal crystals to optical devices and sensing materials.
We study novel preparation methods of biocompatible microemulsions and its physico-chemical properties to apply for pharmaceutical fields. Especially, microemulsion-based-organogels are studied for DDS.
We study auto-organization of polymer at an interface using biopolymer such as an acid polysaccharide and collagen.(Fig.3) Especially, interfacial properties of network structure and their functions are investigated as a model of artificial connective tissues.

Contact Information

  Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nagoya City University,
3-1, Tanabe-dori, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya 467-8603, Japan

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