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Research interest

Medicinal chemistry and chemical biology on the basis of organic chemistry:
For the development of useful chemical compounds closely related to medical and diagnostic drugs, we investigate the computational molecular design, synthetic chemical reactions, and biological action mechanisms of bio-functional molecules on the basis of organic chemistry.
Our research interest is in:

  • Molecular design, synthesis, and evaluation of biologically functional and useful compounds
  • Development of the methods for exploration and analysis for bioactive substances based on chemical approach
  • Bioorganic chemistry for reactive oxygen species and nitric oxide
  • Development of the compounds for controlling cellular properties based on photochemistry and organic chemistry


    Prof. Nakagawa, Hidehiko, Ph.D., Professor of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry

    Kawaguchi, Mitsuyasu, Ph.D., Research associate of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry

    Ieda, Naoya, Ph.D., Research associate of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry

    Research Project

    Topics of our on-going projects:

  • Photo-controllable donors/caged compounds for nitric oxide, reactive nitrogen species (RNS), and reactive sulfur species (RSS), and their photochemical and chemical reaction mechanisms.
  • Chemical probes and inhibitors for enzymes with unique catalytic reaction.
  • Chemical probes and modulators for specific cellular and protein redox status


  • Publications
  • Presentations in international meetings

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