Lab Member (En)

(Family Name/Last Name)


Full Professor
Tetsuya Ozeki Ph.D
Research Lecturer
Tatsuaki Tagami Ph.D

Ph.D. Student (Ph.D. course student)

  • Ishikawa Haruo
  • Zenda Naoki
  • Eiichi Goto

Graduate Student (Master course student)

  • Miho Komatsu
  • Jin Liu
  • Kento Koga
  • Yasuhito Kondo
  • Kazuya Nakamura
  • Shuyuan Peng
  • Jiaqian Ma

Registered Researcher

  • Takao Takeuchi Ph.D
  • Shaimaa Ibrahim Ph.D


 Nagoya City University has 4 year course for Pharmaceutical Sciences and 6 year course to get a pharmacist's licence. So several students are assigned in our lab every year (For example, 1-3 students for 4 year course; 2-5 students for 6 year course, every year).